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Delaere mobile FIBC filling container including inkjet printing system

Delaere mobile FIBC filling container including inkjet printing system

Delaere supplied a mobile FIBC filling container to a customer in Rotterdam harbor area. The mobile filling machine is connected with a number of mobile roller conveyors for additional intermediate storage of filled FIBC’s on the line. One of these mobile conveyors is equipped with an inkjet printing system.

All the required elements for a semi-automatic bigbag filling process are incorporated inside the mobile container. First, a pallet dispenser is isolating and feeding a single pallet to the FIBC filling station on the second position. A laydown level for a pallet with empty bigbags is installed above this pallet dispenser. The operator, working on an operator platform, can ergonomically attach the empty FIBC by means of a linear hook system. Once the bigbag is filled up to the required set weight, the full bigbag is conveyed to the third position where the operator can close the bag.

On the position to close the FIBC, a de-dusting hood is installed to avoid that the operator is exposed to remaining dust. This de-dusting hood is connected to a filter plant which is also used to de-aerate the FIBC during the filling cycle. The last position of the mobile FIBC filling container is serving as a “transit” position towards the extra mobile conveyors that can be connected with the filling container.

On one of the mobile conveyors, an inkjet printing system is installed which is able to print on all 4 sides of the filled FIBC.

The challenge

Biggest challenge is off course incorporating all required elements for the semi-automatic bigbag filling process within a limited footprint and volume. The width of the mobile filling container is only 2800 mm. The footprint of the machine is not only important for the movability of the machine but also for the road transport from Delaere production site to the end-user site.

The machine is used in an outdoor industrial environment. For this reason a number of items were added to the machine for the comfort of the operator. There are heating panels at the backside of the operator position for winter season and an air refreshment system for summer season. At both sides of the mobile container, a roll-up door is installed to avoid the wind blowing trough the container. 

Another challenging point was to print a code on all 4 sides of the bigbag. This code includes the customer name, product name, date, weight,…. Delaere implemented an inkjet printer next to a 360° turning table. The inkjet printer itself is installed on a linear transfer system. The combination of these 2 elements leads to a perfect alignment between the printing system and the FIBC.

A last point of attention is the slope of the floor at site. The mobile filling line consists out of 3 different main mobile frames of which the conveying height is to be properly aligned. The filling container is therefore equipped with a hydraulic levelling system and the additional mobile conveyors with manual positioning jacks.

The result

The result is a compact yet performant mobile FIBC filling line allowing our customer to fill FIBC’s from different silo’s in a semi-automatic way in an outdoor environment.

Because of the additional mobile conveyors, inkjet printing on the filled bigbags is possible and filled bags can be temporarily stored on the line.

Due to the high level of customization, this machine is suited for all seasons which results in higher operator ergonomics.