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Our filling stations can be used by every company that wants to fill its dry bulk products into large packaging like bigbags, octabins or drums. 

Our main focus are the food processing companies as well as (petro)chemical industries.




Food processing industries

Products: Milk powder, infant milk powder, all kinds of starch and derivates, all kinds of sugar and derivates, gluten, rice, chocolate pellets, salt, spices, ...

Delaere developed a specific product range for bigbag weighing and filling for cleanrooms where filling is done pallets-less to avoid any contamination risk. Delaere weighing and filling equipment for the food processing industries is designed according the latest EHEDG guidelines. (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group).

Delaere truly commits to the strict ‘high care’ philosophies of our customers in terms of material selection, design guidelines, surface finishing etc. By having the same strict focus on quality and hygiene as our customers and by applying our know-how and experience we can always offer the best solutions.

Delaere also developed industry specific solutions for dosing and sampling that are sanitary, wear resistant, precise, ATEX conform, easy to clean etc.


Other industries

We have experience with different raw materials, minerals and metal based salts. Products like cement, quartz sand, nickel sulfate, cobalt powder, ...

We  also have experience in petfood and petfood mixes.

Delaere filling applications are designed based on the product properties to be handled and customer specific demands like the packaging itself, required volumes, level of automation etc.

Please contact us for pre-study and analysis of your specific product.