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Long-term customer satisfaction starts at the beginning of the project.

Reliable equipment and a low cost of ownership are important drivers through all stages of our product development process.

Service-friendly design, modular assemblies, user-friendly software, operator ergonomics and a selection top quality components (according to Delaere standard or according to customer request) are all contributing towards maintenance friendly equipment.

Before, during and after start-up, at Delaere you will benefit from a full personalized and professional support. Our goal is to provide quick and reliable service through our highly qualified and experienced team of service engineers.

Inspection and Maintenance

We inspect your machine at any time upon request or as part of a maintenance contract. Verification of the weighing function, preventive maintenance, exchange of wearing parts, inspection of mechanical and electrical functions for early identification of potential sources of break-down, repairs with original spare parts etc.



We are also at your service to assist you with unforeseen breakdowns. Everything from one single source by a team of highly qualified experts.

Remote diagnostics such as VPN enables our service engineers to diagnose issues from our offices and guarantees rapid and efficient problem solving.


Modernization and retrofitting

Modernizing and retrofitting can be a valid alternative to investing in new equipment. At Delaere we can offer you mechanical revamping, control system retrofit, life cycle extension, equipment relocation etc.



Delaere Inspection  is:

  • Approved quality system for ensuring CE-conformity, under module D, for putting into the market  of both static and dynamic weighing systems, not only for the Belgian market, but also for most of the European countries
  • licensed to execute in Belgium the tests for periodical verification of automatic gravimetric filling weighing systems (AGFI) and accredited with the certificate nr 126-INSP