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Mobile (High End)

Mobile (High End), image


  • A high end filling line installed on a mobile frame
  • High output up to 25 bigbags per hour
  • For bigbags and octabins

Typically  combined with pallet dispenser, sheet dispenser, filling station Type EV2SR or Type EV2SL, buffer conveyors … all being integrated in a mobile frame.


  • Movable on rails / air cushions / wheels
  • Open frame / closed frame for outside use
  • Footprint depends on the number of features

Optional features:

  • Separate de-dusting units installed on the mobile unit
  • Connection via chain conveyors to a master conveying system
  • Docking solutions to connect with silo-outlet pipes
  • Power supply via energy chain
  • Integration of Air-conditioning or heating for operator
  • Movement by remote control
  • Automatic movement via PLC system and position detections