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High End (EV2SR)

High End (EV2SR), image


  • For bigbags and octabins with significant height difference (≥ 500 mm)
  • Output up to 25 bigbags per hour
  • Height adjustable roller conveyor to cover different FIBC heights
  • Ultra-short filling head
  • Unsurpassed operator ergonomics
  • High level of automation

Typically integrated in semi-automatic filling lines where the EV2SR unit is combined with a pallet dispenser, sheet dispenser, roller conveyors, turning tables etc.


  • Automatic height adjustable roller conveyor
  • Filling head is not height adjustable
  • Automatic hooks for ergonomic loop suspension
  • Inlet air ventilator with filter for bigbag inflation before filling
  • Inflating membrane for dust free connection with bigbag filling spout
  • Filling in hanging and standing position for optimum stability
  • Continuous vibrating during filling cycle without impacting the weighing system
  • Calibrated weighing system with loadcells
  • Performant weighing indicator


  • High-end inlet air filter for ventilator
  • Connection to central de-dusting system
  • Separate de-dusting group
  • Auto-sampling
  • Open front to maximize ergonomics
  • Pivoting filling head to maximize ergonomics
  • Incorporated welding bars
  • Octabin cover plate for open-mouth liners
  • Integration of filling hopper