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Unique high capacity filling station for cacao powder

Unique high capacity filling station for cacao powder, image

DELAERE finalized a dedicated filling line for a cacao powder producer in Indonesia. The line was successfully pre-accepted and will be shipped to Surabaya for installation and start-up in the coming weeks. This line does not require permanent presence of the operator. This unique installation has 2 mobile filling frames who position empty but prepared bigbags under the filling tube. Automatic docking is foreseen with the filling tube so the operator is not required in the filling area eliminating any contamination risk.

The line will be integrated in a clean room and incorporates pallet-less filling. Transport of filled bigbags towards medium care by modular conveyors and positioning of filled bigbags on pallets is done by our patented bag on pallet system. A pallet dispenser and linear robot for placing protective sheets on the pallets are also included in the supply scope.