Polycarbonate Bigbag Packaging Line

For a Polycarbonate producer in the Middle East, Delaere has delivered 2 fixed bigbag filling lines for optical grade PC and 2 mobile bigbag filling lines for regular grade PC.

Polycarbonate Bigbag Packaging Line, image

The following items were part of the Delaere supply scope:

2 Fixed bigbag filling lines:

  • Dedicated pallet dispenser and sheet dispenser per bigbag filling line
  • 2 Bigbag filling stations installed in clean room
  • All parts in direct contact with the product in stainless steel + electropolishing
  • High-end inlet air filter for ventilator, connection to central de-dusting system and equilibrium line to upstream product hopper
  • Shared working platform in between the 2 lines of approx. 20 m²
  • Empty bigbag table on hydraulic lifting system
  • Integration of metal detector with reject system
  • LOTO zoning to be able to work with one line while the other line is down due to maintenance or cleaning.

2 Mobile bigbag filling lines:

  • 3 Position mobile bigbag filling line with pallet dispenser, filling station and take-off position
  • Mobile unit on driven wheels
  • Integration of metal detector with reject system
  • Foldable empty bigbag table