SAP Bigbag Packaging Line

For a SAP producer in Belgium, Delaere has delivered a complex double bigbag filling line for packing 20 ton of SAP’s per hour per filling line in bigbags.

SAP Bigbag Packaging Line, image

The following items were part of the Delaere supply scope:

  • Dedicated pallet dispenser and sheet dispenser per bigbag filling line
  • All parts in direct contact with the product in stainless steel + electropolishing
  • High-end inlet air filter for ventilator, connection to central de-dusting system and equilibrium line to upstream product hopper
  • Shared working platform in between the 2 lines of approx. 25 m²
  • Filling stations installed in a clean booth structure built by Delaere
  • Integration of 10 high speed shutter doors
  • Integration of 2 fire doors dividing the different fire compartments in the project
  • Hydraulic lifting system for full pallets to overcome the height difference between new packaging building and the existing customer’s warehouse
  • Master conveyor system of 110 running meters to directly transport the filled bigbags towards the warehouse of the customer’s logistic partner
  • LOTO zoning to be able to work with one line while the other line is down due to maintenance or cleaning.