Cacao Powder Bigbag Packaging Line

For a Cacao powder producer in Indonesia, Delaere has delivered a bigbag filling line to pack 15 bigbags per hour of 450 kg.

Cacao Powder Bigbag Packaging Line, image

The following items were part of the Delaere scope of supply:

  • Filling station with 2 mobile filling frames enabling the customer to attach, fill and close 2 bigbags without the permanent presence of an operator on the working platform.
  • Filling station with 2 mobile filling frames installed in a clean room
  • High-end inlet air filter for ventilator, connection to central de-dusting system and equilibrium line to upstream product hopper
  • Auto-sampling device
  • Modular belt conveyors installed on a turning table
  • Integration of 1 high speed shutter door
  • Bag on Pallet system GEN1 with integrated sheet dispenser and pallet dispenser
  • Electrical cabinet installed in a distant MCC-room (approx. 140 running meters)