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Launch of Bag on Pallet - Generation 2

Launch of Bag on Pallet - Generation 2, image

Palletless filling of bigbags for products like milk powder, baby milk powder, starches etc. were a hot topic a couple of years ago. Nowadays palletless filling became a standard integration into our filling lines for food processing industries.

Filling bigbags without pallet inside the clean room means that the bigbag must be positioned on a pallet in the basic care zone. Delaere launched a second version of its successful Bag on Pallet system. With the first generation Bag on Pallet, the filled bigbag was gripped by gripping arms and the pallet was moved under the hanging filled bigbag. The Bag on Pallet GEN2 is picking up the filled bigbag by means of gripping arms which are integrated in an electrically driven movable frame. This movable frame is shifted towards the pallet with slipsheet and is thus avoiding cross-contamination.

The Bag on Pallet GEN2 system has been successfully commissioned for a number of customers in the food industry.