Delaere as process integrator for food ingredients

For one of our customers in the Netherlands, a global leader in the production of food ingredients, Delaere developed and installed a turnkey process line for mixing food ingredients.

The heart of the projet is a continuous screw mixer where different ingredients are accurately dosed by loss in weight systems.

The bigbags with raw materials are fed into the system by discharge stations and unloaded into weighed buffer hoppers from where products are transported upwards by pneumatic transport towards cyclone filters.

From the cyclone, the raw materials are transferred by rotary valves into the loss and weight systems for accurate dosing towards the mixing screws.

After mixing the product is being sieved and samples are taken for quality control.

The Challenge

A critical selection and alignment of all the sub systems in terms of design, control and reliability.

The main design drivers for this project were a high level of sanitary standards, cleanability and an overall user friendly interface.

The solution

A compact two level structure with working platforms that ensure safe and easy access to all major process components.

Each component is integrated in an overall control system entirely designed and programmed by Delaere Engineering with custom functionalities and applicable safety standards.

The result

  • A complete and integrated solution from scratch to final onsite commissioning.
  • A custom user interface enabling simple creation and adjustment of recipes.
  • Several engineering loops made sure  that the overall concept and design was exactly what the client intended with this investment.

What can we do for you?

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